Stephen Ministry

Leadership Training
This is a training ministry for future church leaders; clergy, elders, deacons, and lay leaders. Each trainee will be trained and observed for the retention of biblical and leadership information, and their faithfulness to their assignment. This ministry does not guarantee promotion to the aforementioned church leadership positions, but serves as a clearing house for qualified candidates.
Ministry trainees will be mentored in the responsibility of handling the spiritual and temporal matters of the church, such as: Shepherding cell groups, family ministry, prayer teams, and visitation; assisting the senior pastor, elders and ministerial staff with the spiritual matters of the church.

Altar Workers/Intake Counselors
To assist those who come to the altar for prayer, salvation, rededication, and church membership. Individuals who come to the altar are directed to the prayer room where they are personally ministered to by prayer room counselors.

Individual Prayer Counselors
Individual prayer counselors are available to pray with congregants at a designated time during service. Prayer counselors agree in prayer with members and visitors regarding any need or concern they may have.

Intercessors stand before God appealing for His mercy and intervention on behalf of those who are in need of prayer. They are prayer warriors who fight to advance the Kingdom of God by driving back the forces of evil in the world. They are the watchmen who stand guard to ensure the prayers of the righteous go forth unhindered.